Environmental Monitoring Program
Independence Wharf is dedicated to providing its tenants with a work environment consistent with your expectations. In its endeavor to do so, Independence Wharf has voluntarily instituted an Environmental Monitoring Program whereby the environment of Independence Wharf is proactively monitored every six months by an independent licensed hygienist.

Recycling Program

Independence Wharf offers a recycling program called a “mixed office paper” program, which addresses a "typical" tenant's needs. We hope you will be an active participant in this program. This program recycles all of the following materials utilizing blue desk-side recycling containers (i.e. wastebaskets for recyclable materials):


Mixed Office Paper Program


Tenant employees deposit all of the recyclable materials in the blue deskside containers (provided by Independence Wharf). Once full, the desk-side containers are to be emptied by the tenant employees into the closest blue 96-gallon container (also provided by Independence Wharf) located within tenant's office space. Independence Wharf shall empty these containers when they become full. Simply call the Management Office to arrange for this as needed. Non-recyclable materials are to be discarded in tenant's wastebaskets. Wastebaskets are emptied nightly by cleaning personnel.




Computer Printout Paper

Napkins & Cups



Copy Paper

Candy Wrappers




Grey Cartons

Window Envelopes



Glue Bound Magazines

Loose Leaf Pages



Floppy Disks

Adding Machine Tapes


Index Cards

Lunch Bags

White Bond Stationary

Brown Envelopes

Colored Envelopes


Stapled Pamphlets

Brown File Folders

Legal Pads

Carbon Paper

Accounting Ledgers

Styrofoam & Plastics

Tabulating & Time Cards


Carbonless Forms

3-Ring Binders

Stapled Magazines

Thermal Fax Paper


Independence Wharf Closed Loop Recycling Program
Each tenant, by participating in Independence Wharfs' mixed office paper recycling program, automatically participates in its Closed Loop Recycling Program. All mixed office paper recycled from Independence Wharf is used to manufacture the rest room paper products. Therefore, your participation not only reduces waste but supports the use of recycled materials.

Additional Recycling Services

Dispensable electronic equipment which you have may be recyclable as part of our recycling program. The following list of equipment represents some of the items which may be recyclable:
- Computer Hardware Eqipment
- Communication Equipment
- Bench Testing Machinery
- Main Frame Equipment
- Circuit Boards
- Disk Drives
- Power Packs
- Personal Computers
- Printers

Such equipment is dismantled with any recyclable scrap metal reclaimed. If you are interested in recycling electronic equipment, please contact the Property Management Office to make arrangements.


Independence Wharf Recycled Products

All paper forms and envelopes used by Cushman & Wakefield in its Property Management operations are produced with recycled products. (Examples are work order forms, information pamphlets, manila envelopes and all white paper used for memoranda, tenant manuals, copying, etcetera.)