Independence Wharf is equipped with a card access system and burglar/security system.

For the purpose of building and tenant security, we ask that all tenants provide and maintain an updated Card Access List at the property Management Office. This list should contain the name of all employees given an Access Card along with the respective access card number. Please be certain to promptly notify Management and Security if a card is lost or an employee has left your company in order for the card to be deleted from the system.

If an employee forgets his/her access card, he/she will be allowed entry only if they provide their name and card number as it is listed on their Card Access List. If the information provided is not accurate, the person will not be allowed entry. Furthermore, personnel will not open a tenant entry door if an employee has forgotten his/her key. If we are able to reach a tenant contact person to confirm authorization to allow entry, and Cushman & Wakefield personnel are on site, entry shall be provided. If the tenant contact person cannot be reached, the person will not be given access to the suite. Tenants will be provided a total of one building entry access card per 1,000 square feet of rentable area. If additional access cards are needed, they are available through the Management Office at the expense of the tenant.

Should cards be lost or stolen, please alert the Management and Security of the missing card so they can change the system to delete that card(s).


Suite Entry Door Keys
Tenants will be provided a minimum of five suite entry door keys with the number of additional keys varying with the size of the tenant.

Should additional keys be required, they are available through the Management Office at a cost; that varying on the type of key.