Providing service to you is our primary business. Through frequent inspection of the building and efficient assignment and supervision of building personnel, we hope to promptly and courteously respond to your needs while operating and maintaining Independence Wharf in accordance with the highest industry standards. However, from time to time, events may occur or repairs may be needed of which we are not aware of. Therefore, we request your assistance in bringing to our attention any situation or condition which exists that you think needs attention.

Maintenance, Janitorial and General Requests

In order to ensure that your request is promptly directed to the appropriate person for action, we ask that you contact the Management Office via email or by telephone at (617) 737-0974 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Outside of normal business hours please contact the lobby desk at 617-737-9007.

For your convenience, when the Management Office is closed, the telephones are programmed to forward to our Security Desk. After hours, you may also call the Security Desk directly at (617) 737-9007. If necessary, the on-call person will be contacted to respond to the situation.

After receiving the request from the tenant, the Property Manager's office will prepare a Tenant Service Request/Work Order Form (see Exhibit C). The form (or information from the form) will be given to the appropriate individual (building engineer/janitorial, etc.) for action. After completion of the task, the individual performing the work will comment on the actions taken and return the form to the Management Office.

Building or janitorial personnel have been specifically instructed not to respond to any request without authorization from the Management Office. By transmitting all requests through the Management Office, we are able to record the nature of each request, the time it was made and the time the request was fulfilled. The Property Manager will also be able to follow up with your contact person to ensure proper action has been taken. With this procedure, we will be able to monitor the promptness of our personnel's response and the quality of our work




Major Tenant Alterations

We recognize that, from time to time, your space or service needs may change and require physical alterations to your premises. In order to ensure that your request for these tenant alterations is coordinated properly and promptly, Independence Wharf can act as construction manager and represent the tenant in all alterations.

For all major tenant alterations, it shall be the tenant's responsibility to prepare and submit two (2) sets of Plans and Specifications for approval to the Property Manager for review and comments. Upon receipt of the approved plans, Independence Wharf will prepare a construction cost proposal with subcontractor/vendor prices and review the cost proposal with the tenant. When the tenant has approved the cost proposition, Independence Wharf will award the subcontracts and issue the purchase orders for the work. Once construction has begun, Independence Wharf will coordinate the work, provide inspections as required, and clean up and monitor the completion of any punch list items once construction has been completed.

If you elect to use Independence Wharf for this service, you may be asked to pay Independence Wharf a certain percentage of the agreed upon cost of major tenant alteration work in advance. The remainder will be billed as the work is completed. Please direct all questions or concerns regarding this matter to the Management Office.

In any event, no alterations or improvements are permitted without the prior written consent of Independence Wharf. (Your lease may also include further details regarding renovations to your space.). In all instances, the appropriate insurance certificates, permits and plans must be acquired by or issued to Independence Wharf. For the protection of all tenants, Independence Wharf will impose conditions for carrying out any alterations or improvements which ensure that the building will not be damaged in any way and that the work is performed in a manner which will not inconvenience or endanger occupants or the visitors to Independence Wharf. Tenants not adhering to the procedures outlined above will be totally responsible for any and all costs relating to improper installation or damages to the equipment, building or general property.

We believe this procedure will give you the best coordination possible, while recognizing that y our normal work activity must continue with the least amount of interruptions.


Work Orders & Additional Services
We are also available to assist you with minor refurbishment and maintenance of your space.

In many cases, minor work will be done by our Building Engineers/Superintendents (installing light bulbs, changing a lock, etc.) and in other cases they can arrange to contract work (such as carpet replacement and minor electrical work).

Once signed by the tenant representative, the Building Service Work Order is used as our authorization to proceed with work. A 20% fee is added to our actual costs as compensation for overhead and services.

Please contact the Property Management Office for hourly rates for in-house services.